Employee Write Up Forms

Employee Write up 101

No conversation is more difficult to tackle than a disciplinary one. An employee has made a serious mistake or broken an office policy and knows there’s a problem.  It is now that a manager must take appropriate disciplinary steps such as a letter employee writeupof reprimand  or an employee write up  to change an employee’s behavior.

The first step should always be documenting your conversation.  Sounds simple, right?  The number of conversations regarding   poor performance   that go undocumented are astronomical, but  this stage is imperative if you want the other stages to go smoothly.  It’s like keeping a paper trail of discussions.  We provide a simple but professional form for this stage of the employee reprimand.

HR forms direct has created “ Employee Write up 101 ” full of forms to document each phase of disciplining an employee.  Each form gives you the confidence to perform this necessary task again and again

Employee Write Ups

 Employee Write up 101 will also help you set standards.

For example, you may not be able to change the fact that an employee doesn’t like a certain company policy. But you can discipline employees if they don’t follow the policy or are insubordinate in gossiping about it. 

 Forms included in this package:

  • Document Your Conversation.
  • First & Second Warning.
  • Final Warning, Pre-Termination.
  • Termination Letter & Checklist.
  • Sample Separation Agreement (allows you to legally separate from your employee).
  • ** Bonus ** Appreciation Letter (for those employees who go above & beyond).

Who says it all has to be negative?  

This is one of the biggest steps you can take to improve  employee morale!  

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In today’s day, you need to protect yourself from frivolous & expensive lawsuits.  There is one word that means protection for you & your company:  documentation!

We provide powerful forms to deter your employees from repeating their mistakes.

Employees can relentlessly pull you down.  They just keep repeating negative behavior time and time again.  You keep putting up with it.  You put it on the back burner; hoping it will stop and go away.  It won’t.  You MUST give them a warning.  Make them know you are serious!  Documentation is key.  It lets your employee know this is no joke.  They must stop their negative behavior, stop being tardy or stop gossiping.

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with something to say to them, let our forms speak for you.  For the low price of $36.95, get our six form package that will document every step of the way.  It’s the paper trail you need to document every move, every conversation, every reply you’ve had from an employee.  Plus, we have a 60 day, money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!  There is no risk!  What could be better?  Employee Write-Up 101 is just what you need.  You may not have even been looking for it, but now realize how much you need it.  You should start somewhere; why not here?